Who We Are?

Our Mission

Cigars Executives is your mobile Cigar Concierge that will provide a first class choice in dealing with  cigar aficionados to enjoy their passion.

Cigars Executives gives the novice and cigar aficionado the experience into  the LIFESTYLE & CULTURE.

Cigars Executives is a MOBILE CIGAR Concierge with all the amenities of traditional cigar lounge associated with the enjoyment of fine cigars with the Cut & Light Experience.

Cigars Executives is available for any event social or any event where a lasting impression is mandatory.


Extraordinary Experiences

Cigars Executives will provide exclusivity and high quality atmosphere for any social & professional agendas.

In addition to our services for your events, Cigars Executives will also serve the VIP members. 

Our Core Values

  • Opulent Service
  • Cut & Light Experience.
  • Exclusivity